Movable property valuation

Objects of movable property in valuation practice are usually attributed to: technological equipment of various industries, all types of transportation and lifting equipment, computers and office equipment, agricultural machinery, commercial equipment, furniture, etc.

When evaluating, movable property is grouped by type:
  • vehicles;
  • machinery and equipment;
  • sea and river vessels;
  • aircraft for various purposes;
  • money, securities and other property not related to real estate.
Purpose of valuation

Valuation of market value of movable property is used for various purposes, depending on the needs of the owner. Sometimes valuation of movable property is the only way to determine the market value of the active part of fixed assets.

Knowing the value of the property, the owner can determine the presence or absence of demand for this type of property on the open market, the current state of this market segment, profitability or unprofitability of the object and accordingly make a management decision, attract investors, reorganise the business, determine the efficiency of technological processes in the company etc.