Intangible assets and intellectual property valuation

In today’s economy, any property is a potential source of income. Brands and trademarks, know-how and innovation solutions, licenses and patents, copyrights and related rights objects, databases and software, websites and domain names, goodwill and trade secrets, literary and musical works – all these are intangible assets that affect competitiveness and business efficiency and are able to generate income.
Purpose of valuation
For large enterprises and high-tech industries, valuation of intangible assets is particularly significant. In practice, you can encounter companies where the value of intangible assets exceeds the value of fixed assets. Also, the valuation of intangible assets takes place when making various transactions.
Evaluation of all types of property is necessary in almost any operation and is performed for the following purposes:
  • purchase and sale transactions;
  • resolution of property disputes;
  • taxation;
  • contribution to the authorised capital;
  • loans secured;
  • insurance.