Vasily Nikitkin


   Audit Partner


My answer to the question of how I see my work is that I like to get paid to solve crossword puzzles. That’s no exaggeration: I’ve always been lucky with creative work. After graduation I found a job in a design office. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much demand for programming at that time and, after working for a few years, then postgraduate  studies,I had to start developing new skills from scratch. 
I graduated from an economics university and worked at a major international audit firm for almost ten years; and all this time, I worked across two occupations. But I’ve made extensive use of this symbiosis only at Moore Stephens. International quality at the optimal price isn’t just our slogan, it’s also our strategy. As a member organization organisation in a major international auditing network, we adhere to an established benchmark of quality. Each financial statement we issue undergoes an independent peer review. Our colleagues from the CIS review the audit papers for each new project. Finally, the audit files for two or three clients also undergo a mandatory annual examination.
This takes a lot of time, of course. So, in order to offer clients competitive prices, we automate the audit process as much as possible. Along with audit document templates, we’ve developed software for compiling financial reports and disclosures, preparing income tax returns and generating financial statements, and use it in our work. This not only lowers the cost of an audit but also reduces the risk of human error.
Prices vary widely on the audit market in Kazakhstan. There are large firms with recognised quality and high hourly rates, where “shaking hands with a partner” will cost several hundred dollars. Then there  are firms working for suspiciously low prices, where the pace of work depends on pricing. We offer our clients reasonable prices without compromising the quality of our work.
Our absolute advantage is that wework with medium-sized companies. Large firms often focus on large clients, and they don’t have the time or resources for medium-sized companies. Each of these clients is a priority for us, and the most experienced professionals work on each project. Not only do we have a clear understanding of our clients’ needs, but we always try to exceed their expectations.