Serik Kozhikenov

История партнеров, Серик Кожикенов, Moore Stephens Kazakhstan

   Audit partner



I’ve always been interested in learning new skills in both my own and related occupations. The bank where I started working as a programmer in the mid 90s ordered an integrated accounting system from a well-known Russian company. When support from the developer ended and failures cropped up, after several months of sleepless nights I not only managed to recreate an exact copy of it but also to design separate add-on modules. I found this experience valuable both as an assessment of my knowledge level and as a source of deep understanding of the bank’s business process algorithm.
I never imagined that I would become an auditor; I only entered the profession when I was 30 after being hired by an international audit firm. By that time, I’d worked as a department head in the tax committee and CFO of a manufacturing holding. One of the key features of auditing is that it’s project-based. A new team of specialists is formed for each project, allowing you to work with large numbers of professionals in a wide range of business areas in a relatively short time. I have no regrets about my choice – I enjoy combining interesting work and interaction with educated and talented people. Strange as it may seem, I found it very easy to understand the basics of analytical work. My past experience as a programmer probably helped me. 
I’d like to mention a few turning points in my career. The first was starting work in finance after nine years of study and employment in the IT field. The next was receiving an academic degree from one of the top business schools in the UK, which has completely changed my outlook and my expectations for the future. The last was joining the Moore Stephens International. This was a landmark for me, not only because it is one of the leading international accounting firms, but also because being involved in this firm led to many new goals, challenges, opportunities and prospects. 
Auditing is a growing field, partly due to stricter government regulations, and sets up a range of requirements to firms dealing with the company accounts. The multidivisional structure of our association provides each member with the opportunity to share best practice and knowledge with colleagues in order to meet client’s commitments.